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Fancy volunteering at Pandorafest?


We'd love you to!


We are keen to have volunteers and the selection process has begun!


As the saying goes, 'Many hands do make light work' and you will get lots of perks if you sign up.


Perk of the job number 1 - You'll get into Pandorafest for FREE!  Huzzah!


You will also be given a free hot meal and 2 free non-alcoholic drinks.  Not only that but you will be offered free camping too.


You will be requested to work for a minimum of 6 hours.  This could be doing ANY of the jobs thrown at you by Pandorafest staff.  Anything from being a general steward, or a friendly car park attendant to a litter picker or a toilet checker so please be prepared to help in any area.


If you DO have a skill set though, or any qualifications, please tell us (using the form or email address below) and we may match you up with a suitable task.  Where do your strengths lie?  Are you a neat freak?  Are you a people person?  Tell us.


You will be requested to volunteer at any time from 11am - 12pm on July 16th so please also let us know if you have any restrictions on the hours you can be there.


Adults over 16 only please.


Thank you and see you there!!

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Or if you prefer, you can email:

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