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You have probably been to a festival before so you may well know how they work - but here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Pandorafest.



Are men allowed at the festival?


Yes! Yes! YES! Pandorafest is about music, good times and the joy of being part of the human race. That means that EVERYONE is welcome! It is going to be awesome! This is NOT an anti-male event - it just has a female-artist/performer positive bias... if that makes you feel grumpy then stay away whilst we all have a great time!


Are there showers in the camping areas?


This is a one day event so...please bring your wet wipes!  No showers available! Campers WILL be provided with clean, bottled water and, of course, there are portable toilets close by.



Can I bring food onto the site?


You certainly can but we would ask you to consider the food retailers that have travelled to Pandorafest and also buy from them...because their food is very scrummy.




Can I bring alcohol onto the site?


Again, there will be alcohol sold on site.  Please consider the retailers that have travelled to Pandorafest and buy from them.


Our security staff have the right ban your from drinking more alcohol if they think you have had too much.  Pandorafest also have the right to rescind your camping and/or day ticket without refund and expel you from the event site if you behave violently or threateningly to others.


PLEASE leave all glass at home.



Are there any facilities for charging my devices?


None whatsoever! This is a Medieval Fort, what are you thinking?! The modern age is represented  by awesome music, kicking sound, wonderful lights, amazing food, tempting drink and no plague...   Please ensure you are fully charged before arrival!



Are there any childcare services?


Kids are welcome and under 12's come free to Pandorafest, HOWEVER; parents are responsible for their mini-me's mental and physical safety at ALL times. There will be drinking, dancing and no doubt some swearing on site... There is a big, dark forest and a deep, dark reservoir near by... they are YOUR responsibility.



I am a Blue Badge Holder - can I come to Pandorafest?


You would be welcome but challenged by the environment.  There will be Stewards available to help out if needed, but the event is held on Scottish National Forestry land which means steep paths at best and tree stumps at worst.



Can I bring my dog/cat/iguana?


Loud music isn't the nicest thing for pets and pet poop is no fun to scoop, so leave 'em at home! Guide dog owners please contact the organisers.



Can I light a fire out side my tent?


Very BAD Idea - not there, not anywhere!



I like a bit of a scrap on a Saturday night... fancy a punch up?


Pandorafest reserve the right to rescind your camping and/or day ticket without refund and expel you from the event site if you behave violently or threateningly to others.




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